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Moena (1184 m) is 80 Km far away from Trento, city of the Council, characterised by its particular historical centre. Moena is the gateway to the Valle di Fassa and marks the ideal boundary with the neighbouring Valle di Fiemme, the two communities are really linked together. Moena is the most populated community of the Valley thanks to its strong appeal for tourism both in Summer and in Winter.

Moena, also known as the “Fairy of the Dolomites”, is surrounded by a great landscape, anywhere you look there are green fields and woods that in Winter are covered by the white charming snow which reminds us of some ancient tales; the mountain groups of the Latemar, Valacia and the Costalunga Pass are the right and most fascinating background for the so called ‘enrosadira’, a typical natural phenomenon which takes place at the end of the day: the sunset produces a particular warm red light which depicts the mountain tops by reflecting the colour of the Dolomia stone.

Moena is well known and many visitors and tourists from everywhere come to visit it and its surrounding areas. In Moena you can buy in nice shops, practice many different sports in every season of the year and you can also eat very well. An important event, for what concerns the eating field, is the so called “A cena con Re Laurino” (dinner with King Laurino), in this occasion you can taste the most typical, delicious meals cooked by famous cooks. Moena, like the whole Valley, is still linked to the traditions and customs of the past; we can realize and notice that looking at the rural houses, at the fountains, at the hay lofts, and also at the wall paintings or thanks to the many legends which keep living in the daily routine and in the celebrations of the inhabitants.

Moena in Winter.


the area of Alpe di Lusia belongs to the biggest ski area of TREVALLI and it is connected, by SKIBUS, with Passo San Pellegrino and Falcade. The whole ski area is also almost entirely covered by advanced systems of programmed snow and you find 26 skilifts (overhead or chair lifts) to reach about 100 km of well prepared slopes to assure you fun both on the snow and also in the typical refuges where you can drink a ‘drop of grappa’ (‘grappino’ in Italian) at the bottom of wonderful mountains such as Pale di San Martino, Marmolada, Civetta, Monte Pelmo and then Catinaccio and Latemar. The love ski tour is famous and you can’t miss it, it’s the right occasion to practice sport and to visit the meaningful places of the Dolomites, rich in history, culture and folklore.


there are over 80 km slopes available. The famous ‘Marcialonga’ itself, starts from Moena. In the nearby the Alochet area, next to San Pellegrino Pass, you can practice cross country skiing for the whole winter season.


those who love this speciality, can do daily or nightly excursions to reach the most charming places, alone, in groups or with expert guides. There is often the possibility also to watch many competitions organised in the valley, like Europe Cup of Alpine Skiing or the Marcialonga and also the Ice Hockey (A Level) tournament.

Moena in Summer.


during summer it is possible to walk in the nature and enjoy the fabulous landscapes. Those who love walking, trekking or climbing have a wide variety of choices, like for example the areas around Roda di Vael and Catinaccio, Val Duron, Sasso Piatto-Sasso Lungo and Pordoi. You can also find refuges where to eat or to rest half the way through.
It is also possible to choose the thematic routes, like the ‘Sentiero della pace’ (freedom path) of Catena Bocche/ the Bocche group, over Passo San Pellegrino, the Costabella till Marmolada or the classical trip to Rifugio Gardeccia/ Gardeccia refuge, at the bottom of Catinaccio.
The bravest ones could afford a fly with the PARACHUTE.
The MOUNTAIN BIKERS, could climb/ride the most famous Passes of the Dolomites on special paths or get ready for the famous bike marathonRAMPILONGA’, which takes place in September every year.


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